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Flyood offers innovative office related products that makes your life easier.


Let's face it, it's hard to work from home. With the constant distractions, the kids moving around, getting called by your family members, having a little space for yourself to put your work equipment in. Not to forget connection problems, the messy cables dangling from your laptop as you need to plug in your camera, microphone, and headphones.

Our goal is to help you resolve these issues and thus make each remote worker as productive and organized as the people working in an office.


We pride ourselves on our customer services and we always work while following these principles:

  1. Offer value: each product and service we offer should have a measurable impact on our customers
  2. High Quality: we hold ourselves to a high standard in order the give the best quality possible at a reasonable price
  3. The customer comes first: our support team is trained and is monitored to give you, the customer, the best experience possible. We reply within 24 hours and offer fast shipping, and hassle-free refunds